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  • RN, EEN & EN roles

  • Opportunities across Victoria

  • Permanent & Temporary work

  • Exciting work opportunities

  • Great veteran and disabled clients

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  • Benefits include:

  • Colourful uniforms

  • Welcome package

  • Useful Nursing App

  • Training opportunities

  • Gain access to your pay early

  • Carbon off-set salary packaging

  • Amazing, caring leadership

  • Networking options

  • Novated leasing

  • Work flexibility

  • Activate your career

    Are you an experienced nurse and finding your current work situation is not fulfilling, or not providing the career direction that you require? 

    Perhaps you want some additional work, to save up for a holiday, or even buy a new car!

    Often nurses are not appreciated for their efforts when, on a daily basis they provide exceptional care to clients, in a positive, friendly and professional way. 

    As a nurse, you can often feel forgotten and unappreciated by those that you work for.

    The bright NurseU team truly values all nurses, and what they bring to the workforce every day. We enjoy having diverse, engaging conversations with all of our nurses to make them feel special, because they are!

    Take a look at the list of benefits that NurseU provide our nurses. We take the extra steps upfront and ongoing to ensure you feel loved and welcomed into the NurseU family from day one.

    To discover more, take the next step and click on the button below and register your interest, to learn more.



    To be our best, NurseU can't do it all on our own, so we choose to partner with these industry leading organisations: